Location: Waynesville, Mo.

Manager: Daniel Smith

History: Founded in 1960, in Sedalia, Mo., by W. C. Orscheln, Orscheln Farm and Home has grown to serve customers throughout the Midwest. Daniel Smith manages the Waynesville, Mo., store. He prides himself in giving friendly customer service that meets the needs of farmers and the general public, alike. They are open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“The farming community is a great set of people that are the backbone of America, and I’m glad I can be there to support them, and help them accomplish their goals.”

Products and Services: “Feed, above and beyond. Feed and fence, those are my main staples. We sell everything from dog food, cat food, gerbil food, all the way up to through cattle and horse feed. I sell barbed wire, woven wire, welded wire, and I sell, of course a ton of post, to go with it. We just sell, we don’t install.”

How have the needs of farmers changed over the years?

“It’s not so much fix it now; they want quality products now to make it right the first time. With some of the new government programs instead of fixing that fence, they might as well run a new one.”

What are some special programs you have to help farmers?

“We have the Grow Program. It’s a program, that if they have a farm account, they can use their Grow Card, and at the end of the year they get a year-end purchase list, which helps on their taxes. But also, it helps keeping track of what they buy, and they can receive discounts on what they buy. It sends them deals through their emails on what they are buying, and quantity discounts, too. It doesn’t cost anything, it just saves people money.”


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