Age: 15

Family: Parents Jason and Angie Morgan, and older brother Jade

Hometown: Lamar, Mo.

FFA Chapter: Lamar High School

Advisor: Jimmy Weber

How have you been involved in agriculture over the years?

“I’ve been showing cattle since I was 5, starting at the county fairs with bottle calves. I’ve been showing steers since I was 9. At the Missouri State Fair this year, I showed crossbred steers. At home, we raise Angus, commercial cows, not something that we show. We have a cow/calf operation and we do row crops, too, so I’ve really grown up in agriculture.

“I just love being around the animals, hanging out at the barn with my dog, Bowdie. I do a lot of shows, including showing a couple of pigs on the county level. One pig is more of a Hampshire and the other has more of a Yorkshire influence.

“My grandfather, Jim Morgan, and I, we do the brush-hogging together and the haying. He bales and I rake. It won’t be long and we’ll be getting ready for the fall and I like that. I like the cold better than the heat. Once I get all bundled up, the cold isn’t so bad.

“The cattle are definitely my favorites in all this, especially the newborn calves. My dad hates the snow but I like it. I love getting those newborns into the shop, using a hair dryer and towels, warming them up if they get too cold after they are born.”

What are some other things you enjoy?

“I play basketball and stay active in the FFA contests. In the morning, I do the chores with my steer, three bottle calves and two horses; they are Quarter horses. Mine is a buckskin named Buck, of course. The best part is just working everyday with the animals.”

What do you enjoy about showing?

“I really like the shows, meeting new friends and going out to eat with them. We help each other out, share tips and you get to see the progress each animal is making.”

What are your future plans?

“I’d like to be a vet; large animal as well as dogs. Definitely agriculture-involved. As a veterinary student, I’ll go to Mizzou but I might go two years first to another school. My brother did that and it’s a way to save money on your education. Meanwhile, I’ll stay active with FFA contests and activities the next couple of years.”


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