Age: 17

Hometown: Diamond, Mo.

Parents: Misty Primm and Matt Moore

FFA Chapter: Diamond FFA and Area 11 Reporter

Advisors: Benny Williams and Sadie Steele

What is your Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE)?

“I breed and raise miniature Australian Shepherds. We have about nine puppies at this time. I have three females that we’re breeding right now. I really like that I can use my dogs as my SAE, which is something that’s very unique with FFA. My family has always lived on a farm and been in the country.”

What do you enjoy most about being an Area 11 FFA officer?

“It’s very exciting. It creates lots of opportunities for me and my future, and it also helps with college.”

What are your future plans?

“I plan on going to Crowder College in Neosho, Mo., and study plant sciences and minor in agronomy. My sophomore year, I took ag science II and it’s all about plants. This past year, my ag advisor asked me what contest team I was going to do that year and I said I wasn’t sure, and he said, ‘OK, you’re on agronomy.’ Ever since then, I have fallen in love with agronomy.”

Are you excited to see what the future brings to agriculture?

“I am, especially for the youth in agriculture. As of right now, we are what’s going to bring this country and agriculture farther and better.”


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