Owners: Chris and Karen Green

Location: Appleton City, Mo.

Family: Daughter Amy, her husband, Jeff Nold, and their

children Braden, Austin, Kaylean and Evalyn; and son

Brian, his wife Sara, and their children Brilyn and Ellie.

History: Green’s Welding and Sales began more than 35 years ago with a portable welder in a rented two-car garage. Green’s Welding now has it’s own facility and 12 full-time employees, as well as four part-time workers.

“(Chris) told a customer that he grew up with junk equipment and learned how to weld in 4-H. Today, he thinks about his dad and what’s going to be safe for him to use and operate,” Karen said.

“There’s always something beyond that I want to reach for,” Chris said. “I just want to make things better for the cattlemen because we didn’t grow up with much.”

Products and services: The main product lines at Green’s Welding includes bulk feed bins, feed bunks, creep feeders and other livestock-related items.

“The bulk feed bins are our biggest seller,” Chris said. “We have a 1-ton, 3-ton and 5-ton. Our portables are in 1- ton and 3-ton; they are our best movers.”

The Greens also have their own farming operation, so they know first-hand what producers need and how those products should operate.

“You know what needs to work smoothly,” Chris said. “You try to design things that will work smooth when you’re working cattle, or when you’re feeding cattle, that bin door opens and closes smoothly. Anytime you have to struggle, the day goes south.”

Future Plans: Green’s Welding and Sales is a true family business, with all of their children being involved, and they continue to work to grow the business for future generations.

“Our goal is to make it run well and sustain all of the people we have involved and, in time, make it to where we don’t have to run it. We want to let the younger generation take over and have it run smoothly for them,” Chris said.


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