The Ranch Supply in Nowata, Oklahoma is owned by the Leo Dick Family and managed by Kelly Breech. They have been in business for 30 years.
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Location: Nowata, Okla.

Owners: The Leo Dick Family

Manager: Kelly Breech

History: The Ranch Supply has been in Nowata, Okla., for about 30 years. 

Manager Kelly Breech said the Allen family initially opened the store, and the current owners, the Leo Dick family, took over about 10 years ago. In December 2013, the previous location in downtown Nowata was destroyed by an early-morning fire. The more-than 100-year-old building was a total loss, and the Ranch Supply moved to its current location on Highway 169 North. Breech said.

Products and Services: Ranch Supply stumps on the motto of “Big or small, we feed them all,” and Kelly said the business does just that, offering feed for beef and dairy cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats, pets, wild birds and game animals.

“We’ve been a Purina dealer for well over 25 years,” he said. “We have feed for everything.”

Show feed, Kelly said, is their biggest seller.

“It’s all species, and it’s year-round. We have a few suppliers we have to remind that we’re in Oklahoma, and Oklahoma kids’ show season is 12 months out of the year,” Kelly said with a laugh. “In Oklahoma, there’s a jackpot somewhere every weekend.”

Some regionally-sourced bulk feed items are available, such as cubes, creep feeds and commodities, but delivery is not. The fire destroyed the store’s milling equipment, so feed is all bagged. 

In addition to feed, Kelly said Ranch Supply offers a full line of fencing products, including t-posts and wire, as well as waterers and water tanks, self-feeders, feed and hay bunks, hay rings and herd health items like vaccines for livestock and dewormers. 

“We try to keep a few household items around the store too, and some ladies’ items like purses, clothing and knickknacks, and seasonal items,” Kelly said. 

Ranch Supply also operates a greenhouse from March to Aug 1.

Business Philosophy: “We want to encourage the youth to become better keepers of their livestock,” Kelly said. “We promote youth really, really big. They are the future of the industry and we have to support them.”

Future plans: Ranch Supply is expanding in 2022 with the purchase of NEO Feeds in Miami, Okla., and take over operations this month.


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