Owners: Drs. Brett and Sara Buchanan

Location: Berryville, Ark.

History: “My wife, Sarah and I met during our studies at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine,” Brett explained. “We became employed at different veterinary clinics in Northwest Arkansas. We’ve worked at separate locations until this last year, when we decided to purchase the Berryville Veterinary Clinic to become practice owners. We were fortunate enough to expand the practice to accommodate my large animal patients. The attached barn includes a hydraulic tilt chute, horse stocks and a pull around drive for large trailers. I can now provide services such as feet trimming, teeth floating and blood draws with ease, I also have a fully stocked truck when going to farms and ranches is the best option for the farmer.”

Products and Services: “For our large animal patients, including cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and horses, we perform a variety of preventative, medical and surgical services. These commonly include: feet trims, dehorning, breeding soundness exams, castrations and delivery assistance/c-sections. We can provide vaccinations and deworming for trailer loads of cattle on site. I tailor each visit to the specific needs of the farm, taking into consideration the time of year and herd health. For large herds, I focus on reproductive health, including ultrasounds for pregnancy testing, artificial insemination and creating an appropriate vaccination schedule. I also provide emergency on-site services. For horses, I routinely power float teeth, submit Coggins tests and treat colic. For pigs, I castrate and draw blood. For the goats and sheep, I routinely provide deworming for life threatening intestinal parasites.”

Philosophy and Future: “Berryville Veterinary Clinic recognizes the important bond between clients and their pets and livestock. Our staff members are pledged to help clients understand all aspects of animal health with an emphasis on preventative and the best possible treatment plan.

“My wife and I vow to treat our clients like family and their animals as if they were our own. This includes the cattle on our farm and the cats in our laps. We are focusing our future endeavors on growth with both our business and our education. I hope to hire another large animal veterinarian and expand our AI presence in the area in addition to attending school for embryo transfer certification. We love this town and hope to have a positive impact on our community.”


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