Sooner Steel

Owner:  Doug Diebold
Location:  Muskogee, Okla.

Company History:  “This is all I’ve ever done. I have worked in the steel industry since I was 17. About 5 years ago Sooner Steel, Inc. began distributing steel wholesale to over 27 states. We opened our retail store in Muskogee 5 months ago. In the past, Muskogee has had one choice for their pipe and steel needs. With the addition of our business to the community, customers now have another choice."

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?
“We’re all about customer service. We offer free local delivery. We’re an old school, family owned business, and we’ll service you if you want one or 100 pieces of pipe.”

Products and Services:  “We sell steel to the do-it-yourselfer, to the contractor, to the farmer and rancher. We have pipe and round tubing for fences, all types of cattle supplies, dewormers, injectables, welding supplies, trailer parts, metal building accessories, panels, t-posts, barbed wire. And our prices are competitive.” Doug also is a partial owner of a product he patented called Total Cut Pipe Guides. This product comes in different sizes, and allows for precision cutting, serving as a guide on the pipes, so the cut pieces fit together.

How is the steel market affecting you?
“The steel markets have been very vulnerable. The prices will probably drop as the year ends, we’ve had a few decreases already this fall. We’ll probably see it rise again in the spring. And these prices are hard on the farmer, I know, because cows are still bringing the same price whether he has nice pipe fences or not.”

What's in the future?
“Expand,” Doug exclaimed. “Once people find us, they always come back.”
By OFN Staff


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