The Halpain family likes the efficiency of Red Angus

Everybody is busy, but Robert and Starmye Halpain have found a solution by having their daughter Dane’ work as a ranch hand for them and Robert’s father Luther, with their son Denton helping out when his work schedule permits.

Robert’s interest and love for cattle began with grandfather Hoy Anderson who often took young Robert to check cows and on sale barn trips. His father worked off the farm but kept the small hobby farm, partially to support Robert’s interest in cattle. Luther raised Simmentals, with one of Robert’s favorite early memories being in the show ring with his first Simmental named Bo Red who won grand champion at the county level twice. By the time he graduated from college at Oklahoma State University with a degree in agriculture education, he had his own small herd of 14 mommas.

After college, Robert taught agriculture education for two years before running a black Angus ranch. Then he started on the AI crew 24 years ago of the Cobbs Three Springs Farm in Rose, Okla. Robert is now pedigree production manager with his department, testing feed conversion and performing x-ray and ultrasound on chickens to ensure proper bone growth and leg health.

In 1990, Robert and Luther purchased contiguous parts of a larger ranch across the way from Luther’s homestead. Robert’s land had a house which he renovated in 1995 before he and Starmye moved in. He now has 680 acres and five locations, some of which is land he leased for several years before purchasing.

The reason Robert is so busy is because he has a herd of 175 mommas with eight herd sires which he alternates for spring and fall calving. Robert’s herd is mostly registered Red Angus with a handful of leftover Simmentals.

The decision to move to Red Angus occurred in 2000 when he wanted to get a solid color on Simmentals. He purchased his first Red Angus bull, one whose EPDs indicated low birth weights, high weaning weights, and good milk production.

Another reason for the purchase was that he wanted to downsize the frame score so steers would finish out at 1,300 to 1,400 pounds.

Meanwhile Starmye’s grandfather Joe Cloud liked the looks and efficiency of Robert’s cattle and switched from Hereford to Red Angus. In 2006, Robert had the chance to buy Starmye’s grandfather’s registered Red Angus herd of 24 cows and a bull. He kept six or seven bulls out of that herd’s first crop and sold them as breeding bulls. He also retained heifers to help complete his switch to a Red Angus breeding herd.

Robert now sells heifers off the farm by private treaty. He also goes to the Oklahoma City West Sale Barn to the Red Angus feeder calf sale for calves. He’s a participant in the new yellow tag sale in the Oklahoma City for those seeking the security offered by the yellow tag which guarantees a specified and high level of preconditioning and identifies the exact farm where the calves come from.

The specifics of Robert’s operation result in high-quality animals demonstrated by previous show results.

“We raised and sold the reserve grand heifer at the Tulsa State Fair, and my son Denton has in the past shown the grand and reserve champions at the Tulsa State Fair. In 2018, Robert had grand and reserve champion at the Oklahoma City Junior Show and the grand champion bred and owned, and the grand champion in open competition, as well as being awarded Premier Breeder.

Robert AIs 20 percent of his herd by individually matching cow to bull to balance traits such as frame size and efficiency. He also has a carefully structured feeding regimen. Robert wants his bull calves to be athletic and able to retain muscular condition when turned out. He also separates his cattle into separate herds maintained in five locations. Finally, he believes in purchasing rather than raising hay because he can use the land for more cattle and a better bottom line. Robert purchases hay from the same source annually and last year bought 1,100 bales.

In addition to helping out on the ranch, Starmye has a dog kennel in which she raises Yorkies and Maltese to sell to pet stores as well as to individuals while Denton also uses the facilities to raise mini Australian shepherds. It’s not unusual to find Starmye in the work room bathing tiny pups and swaddling them in blankets to keep them warm after she has dried them.

Denton & Dad’s Halpain Ranch is a busy, family run ranch with a strong future.


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