Age: 10

Parents: John and Julie Burden

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ark.

4-H Club: Cane Hill Clovers 4-H

Club leader: Gentry Stinks

What is your 4-H project and what do you like about it?

“My project is showing market steers and Angus heifers which I like a lot better than showing sheep because cattle have more manners. I help keep the records on the weight gain for the steers and the registration papers for the heifers.”

How did you get started with 4-H?

“I started when I was 5 showing sheep because I had watched my teenage brother and sister show and I wanted to do it too. Two years ago I switched to showing the cattle and that’s a lot more fun. My brother Colton had 10 head when he graduated from high school, and I want to do even better.”

Favorite 4-H moment?

“I really liked when I won a belt buckle for the American Junior Cattlemen’s Association high point total in showmanship two years ago. The buckle is cool.”

What do you do to help out on the farm?

“I get to drive about everything on the farm. In the summer I cut, tedder and rake hay. We always work the cattle during spring break at my Papa’s place. I get to help sort and work them. I remember being really little, like two years old, and watching everybody else do it and now I can be part of it too.”

What is your favorite part about living in the country?

“It gets me away from the freaky city kids that never go outside and play video games all day. I get to make money. I save the money I earned from haying and feeding as well as from premium sales and selling a steer at market so I can make my herd bigger and pay back my loans. So far I have a Maine/Angus cow and an Angus heifer. When they calve, I will keep heifers and sell bull calves to help buy show animals for next year.


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