Owner: Myron Miller

Location: Fairland, Okla.

History: For Myron Miller, owning a business where he can work with and, hopefully, pass it on to his sons, is paramount. Building on a solid foundation where the Golden Rule is the rule of thumb for good customer service, the Millers have developed a unique trailer sales and services business that is unrivaled in an approximate 90-mile radius.

Myron owned and operated the Fairland Lumber Yard and Hardware store in Fairland, Okla., until 2009 when it was purchased by Hughes Lumber. Having done construction prior to owning the lumber yard, the family moved on to do various construction projects, including the current building that now houses their trailer business.

Having enjoyed the retail business they decided to find a business that would be more targeted and serve the surrounding communities effectively. They concluded that a trailer business majoring in parts and service would fit their vision.

In a leap of faith, they created a full-service trailer sales, parts and service operation that not only sells a broad variety of trailers to meet all needs and occupations but also a showroom full of just about every part, big and small, a trailer might require.

In October 2012, they celebrated their grand opening for 4 State Trailers, creating a family-owned and family-friendly environment. All four boys, John, Timothy, Andrew and Marcus work alongside their father, however, Andrew also teaches school. Family friend, Wendall Zimmerman, has worked alongside the Millers since the construction of the building and has remained as an employee with the business.

Products and Services: 4 State Trailers sells steel and aluminum trailers for whatever a person might need for work or play. They also take trade-ins. They carry a wide variety of trailer parts and some truck parts, such as hitches and accessories, for the do-it-yourself folks or they will do the repairs and installation for the customer. Although, they carry most parts, they are able to order larger parts for those hard to find items.

Their strong suit is their services, which includes: replacing jacks, axles, fenders, wiring, brake system repairs, frame straightening and welding. The newest service they offer a mobile trailer repair.

Philosophy: Providing honest and values-oriented service is their utmost goal. “We want to manage the business in the most efficient and successful manner possible, Myron said. “Not only for our customers but also so my boys can take over the business in the future if that is what they want to do.”


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