Owner: Charles Henson

Location: Van Buren, Ark.

Employee: John Roberts (pictured)

History: Charles Henson was working as a car dealer in 2006. He owned an empty lot next to his house and decided to refurbish trailers as a hobby. The business increased yearly. Four years ago, Charles made the trailer business his full-time job.

“The business continued to expand and take up more space on that lot until now it’s full,” employee John Roberts explained.

Products and Services: “We sell a number of different brands in a variety of sizes and will custom order,” John explained. “Our most common sale is a utility trailer. However, we also carry stock trailers and hydraulic trailers. Landscape trailers are particularly popular for mowing businesses with us carrying selections or we can special order whatever is needed. Because the repair part of our business is growing.

“Charles has two mechanics and carries axles as well as tires and wheels, spring assemblies and bearing kits. Other parts are ordered as needed. Happy Trails Trailers Sales meets the highest, best standards and is one of only three trailer businesses registered with the State of Arkansas Better Business Bureau.”

Philosophy and future: “Charles believes in running a low-budget, low overhead business in order to keep prices down,” John explained. “In addition, he prides himself on customer service because he handles it himself and treats others exactly as he would wish to be treated. A big business expansion is expected within the next year to meet the needs of the ever-growing number of customers.”


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