Owner: Wes Hargis

Location: Long Lane, Mo.

History: Wes, 33, is a lifelong resident of Dallas County. He started shoeing with his father, Lonnie Hargis, when he was 12 years old and began shoeing on his own at 14. He learned from his dad, good friend Johnnie Stepp and by watching Verle Bacon. “I keep up on the latest developments in shoeing and trimming through research and by applying new techniques and products on my own or trusted clients’ horses,” Wes said. “Farrier work has been my full time job for seven years.”

Products and Services: Wes works with all types of equine.

“I work with horses, ponies, mules and donkeys, and do everything from trims to corrective shoeing. I stay within an area roughly bounded by I-44, Route 13, Lebanon and Urbana,” Wes said. “Veterinarians often refer clients with foundered horses or other problems to me for corrective shoeing. Most of my regular clients keep their animals trimmed or shod on a routine basis so, unless there is an injury, have no problems. However, when a new horse comes in there are sometimes issues that I can correct with time. A major part of my job is to educate clients about proper nutrition for their animals: Proper nutrition is absolutely essential for sound hooves.”

Philosophy: “I believe every animal should have a chance to be sound and comfortable and I will consider taking on any challenge. One of my clients buys neglected animals and gets them in the best shape he can for re-homing. Many of those horses and mules have hoof issues because of neglect,” Wes said.

Future: “In 10 years, I want to be healthy enough to continue as a farrier because I like to work with the animals to keep them sound and moving comfortably,” Wes said. “Akia (his wife) and I also want to be known for breeding top-quality working horses.”


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