Location: Lebanon, Mo.

Owner: Terena Wilson

History: Prime Pet Care was started in February 2015 when founder Terena Wilson saw the need for auxiliary livestock and pet care in an animal’s natural habitat around the Lebanon area.

“The area needed a service where someone will come to your location to provide care for your animals,” said Terena, who holds a bachelor’s degree in biology. “Animals’ anxiety and stress levels seem to do better if they can be cared for in their home environment.”

Passionate about working with animals, Wilson has six years of experience working with all manner of creatures, including internships at Wonders of Wildlife and Dickerson Park Zoo, both in Springfield, Mo.

Products and Services: Prime Pet Care (PPC) strives to meet the needs of its customers by providing comprehensive in-home care for livestock and pets. Services range from feeding, watering and walking, to mucking stalls and administering medication.

“We also provide cleaning, waste removal, general farm-animal help, and anything else you might need to care for your animals,” Wilson said. “We have worked with horses, cattle, chickens, hogs and donkeys, as well as cats, dogs, rabbits, lizards and song birds.”

PPC offers services within 30 minutes of Lebanon, but is willing to make special arrangements as needed. Prices are determined by the distance traveled, number of visits per day and what services are requested.

Future Plans: “Prime Pet Care will continue to build great relationships with our clientele and provide all the needs and comforts to their treasured animals,” Wilson said. “We hope for continued growth as our name gets out there. The toughest obstacle is getting the word out about the business and all the services we have to offer.”


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