Owner: Mike Newberry

Location: West Plains, Mo.

Family: Wife, Ann Marrie; daughters, Kaylynn and Alyssa

History: Newberry Sales, as it exists today, actually began as Newberry Auto Sales and was started by Mike Newberry’s father, Nobel Newberry.

“We got into livestock and utility trailers and what some call, cargo or box trailers back in 2000. Six years ago, we expanded into the farming side of things with steel pipe fencing but found out it would be more trouble than it was really worth to change the company name, leaving out the ‘auto’. We’d basically have to start a whole new company so now we just call it Newberry Sales.”

Mike now owns the business and Nobel claims to be retired, but he’s there to lend a helping hand as is Mike’s daughter Kaylynn, who answers the phone and does a great deal of the paperwork for the company. Mike’s wife, Ann Marie is the business’ public relations person. Youngest daughter Alyssa helps Ann Marie in the office.

It was a family friend who handled trailers who originally asked Nobel about putting some of them on his used car lot and from there Newberry Sales began to diversify.

Products and Services: “We sell steel pipe fencing, trailers, parts and supplies,” Mike said. “We make our own corral systems, sell continuous panels, corral panels and steel. We are strictly sales. There are self-employed installers who put it all together on site. We also cut posts, do repair work and fab stuff up as the need arises.

“We expanded just a few months back, buying an adjoining property. With that we’ve added another shop and now have up to 10 employees. We’ve hired another driver and, just keeping up the pace is a big part of the work here. Working with the people, the farmers, who are one of the best class of people, we know, is undoubtedly the best part of this kind of work.”


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