Age: 16
Hometown: Walker, Mo.
Parents: Scotty and Brandy Pritchett
FFA Chapter: Northeast Vernon County (NEVC)
Advisor: Ashley Winfrey

What is your involvement in agriculture?
“I live on a farm where we raise pigs. I catch them a lot. When they are born we cut their teeth and tails, and give them shots. They have to be fed every day. After they are weaned, we moved them to bigger pens, and finally the feedlot. We also have chickens, ducks, guineas and horses.”

What is your favorite part of living on a farm?
“I love being in the country. Towns are noisy. It is just peaceful and I love the animals.”

What are your future plans? Do they involve agriculture in some way?
“I want to be a teacher, but I plan to live on a farm and have animals. I’m still deciding which college I will attend, but I want to learn all I can.”

Who has been your biggest influence and why?
“My grandma, Patty Pritchett. She is a kind Christian woman who has always been there for me. She and grandpa used to have lots of animals and I learned to take care of them at their house. Now we have our own.”

What are your FFA projects?
“I’m vice president of our FFA. I was on the entomology team that went to contest. I’ve learned to identify a lot of bugs and now whenever our advisor sees a bug she calls on me to tell them what it is and how it could affect an animal or plant. I plan to do speech and interviews this year.”


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