Location: Marshfield, Mo.
Owners: Bill Kenyon (left) and Chet Bailey (right)

History: College friends Chet Bailey and Bill Kenyon purchased the former Stephens Meat Processing business about five years ago.
“We both went to College of the Ozarks and worked in the butcher shop down there,” Bill explained.
“Once we graduated, we thought, ‘Hey, let’s try it out,’” Chet added.
The business partners are also brothers-in-law.
In addition to Chet and Bill, there are three to four other employees, mostly family.

Products and services: Chet and Bill’s Meat Processing offers custom butchering of beef, hogs, lamb and goats.
“We have a cutting sheet that is pretty much standard for what we do, but if the customer wants something else, they just tell us,” Chet said. “If we can’t do it, we try really hard to find out how to do it.”
One of the unique cuts offered is Arkansas bacon.
“We will debone the shoulder, roll it, smoke it and then slice it,” Chet explained. “It’s pretty good. We got the idea from another plant, so we aren’t the only ones who do it.”
Bill said they also hang their beefs for 16 to 19 days, which is a little longer than most processors.
They also offer some retail sales, but since they are not a federally inspected facility, the meat offered for retail is from Packers.

Philosophy: Chet and Bill said they want to do the best job possible and threat their customers right.
“Just put on a good attitude and do your best to stick with it,” Bill said. “We want customers to walk in and feel like family; we want to know our customers by name as they walk in the door.”
“Every time a customer walks in, the are going to get Bill, me or one of our family members,” Chet added.

Future Plans: “We want to continue to grow,” Bill said. “It’s really helped provide jobs for our families and it’s a lot of fun. We just want to stick with it and make it a family-owned business.”


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