Knies Consulting

Owner: Ken Knies

Location: Fayetteville, Ark.

History: “After a progressive career exceeding 30 years with Farm Credit, I decided to go in a new direction. I have had the opportunity to be involved in lender training, mentoring and coaching, as well as helping grow the agribusiness portfolio of lending institutions. My goal is to help farmers and farm businesses align their business needs with the best solutions for their specific circumstances. I decided to become an independent consultant. Part of my responsibilities includes being a New Business Development Coordinator for the First National Bank of Fort Smith. Also included in the bank group are their affiliates First National Bank of NWA and National Bank of Sallisaw in Oklahoma.”

Services: “Agriculture is much more diverse than people realize, especially in terms of their financing needs. For example, one person might need money for better fencing while another might want to build a house and yet another to switch from commercial cattle to purebred. A significant aspect of my work involves real estate including purchasing, reading financing and construction projects. An example is using project management in the poultry industry where financing often includes facility construction, equipment purchases, and restructuring other related debt. Other times, people need help with financial analysis or simply reviewing a set of books to find ways to improve the bottom line. I value and inspect collateral and security assets so clients make good decisions on how much to borrow and how to use that money most efficiently. Successful consulting involves a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve success for clients and customers. It’s a process of using my education and experience in conjunction with appropriate resources in order to identify the best solution to a given challenge. In essence I am a professional liaison between clients and those who are in the best position to help. Networking is one of the aspects I most enjoy. My success is highly dependent upon the two-way referral process.”

Philosophy and future: “Strong business ethics produce good results which means I am focused on doing all I can to help others realize their dreams. I love agriculture and the people in it and am using my life’s experiences for their advantage. People working together to help each other is the essence of what both business and life should be. As far as the future, I plan continuing many years in the finance industry. To me it’s all about faith, family and friends.”


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