CASSVILLE, Mo. – Are you looking for a way an affordable to keep your
cattle comfortable, clean and mud free? Consider a building a compost
bedded pack barn.

Although dairy cattle are rugged creatures, Missouri weather can be
challenging for high producing dairy cows. ‘Mud season’ in the Spring,
the heat of Summer and bitter cold in Winter easily summarizes around
250 days of a year. Consider providing shelter during these challenging
weather conditions to improve cow comfort.

“When cows are comfortable, production will increase” says Reagan Bluel,
University of Missouri Extension Dairy Specialist. This is seen through impro-
ved milk production and also reproduction.

An improvement in reproduction often is a result of improved heat detection.
“Cows are more comfortable displaying signs of estrus with good footing”
says Bluel. Additionally, hoof health tends to improve when feet aren’t
covered in mud.

A pack barn field day has been arranged to visit two Southeast Missouri dairy
farms. Voelker Swiss Farm and Lohmann Farm, both of Perryville, have agreed
to host.

The tour will begin at Voelker Swiss Farm at 9 am where the group will learn
more about single pack barn design floor plan. In addition to the pack barn,
we will also visit the brand-new double 10 parallel parlor and discuss the farm’s
plan of expansion. Following lunch, the group will tour a double pack barn design
at the Lohmann Farm, also of Perryville.

University of Missouri-Extension has vans carpooling to the farms.
Please call (417) 847-3161 or (417) 547-7545 to RSVP prior to October 7th, 2016.


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