Cleaver Farm & Home

Owners: Barry and Jeanette Cleaver
Location: Huntsville, Ark.
Business: Cleaver Farm and Home

History: “After retiring as a pilot from Eastern Airlines, my dad decided to go in a different direction and opened the family business Cleaver Farm and Home in 1988,” Berry Cleaver said. “I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1986 with a degree in agribusiness and initially worked out-of-state managing feedlots and grain elevators. After a few years, my wife and I decided to return to Arkansas, and I started working for my dad. I’ve been here ever since and have been fortunate enough to raise both of my kids to work in the store as well. My son Matt works in the poultry business and my daughter Leah has just completed her nursing degree.”

Products and Services: “Our customer base is made up of both large and small farmers, as well as townspeople. Consequently we must carry a wide selection of products to meet their diverse needs. We have a full-line of Purina feeds, including regular and show livestock feed, as well as pet food. Herbicides, lawn and garden chemicals, as well as an array of fertilizer brands and types provide land care. Gates and fencing supplies are available as well. We carry Stihl chainsaws and weed eaters and provide an on-site certified technician for small engine repair. Propane and off-road diesel fulfill fuel needs, while a variety of lubricants support maintenance. Shelves are filled with electrical, welding and plumbing supplies, as well as general hardware. Portable buildings provide storage options. Finally, we have utility clothing and Red Wing, Muck and Bogg boots.”

Philosophy and future: “In a business such as ours, good customer service is critical. It needs to include not only knowing customers names and other personal information but also remembering their operations and needs. Another important feature of our business is offering many types of items at smaller quantities, which requires more frequent reordering but easier changes to inventory as our customer’s needs change. This is now especially important when hobby and weekend farming are on the rise.”


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