Green Country Farm & Home

Manager: Jameson Poteet (below)
Location: Grove, Okla.

History: The location has housed an agricultural business for nearly 30 years, formerly as Green Country Co-op, a branch of Afton Co-op, until the family-owned company, Beachner Grain, purchased it in March of 2006. The name was changed to Green Country Farm & Home to encompass all aspects of the business in relation to the rural area and community that it serves. Green Country is the only full-on retail site owned by Beachner Grain with four full-time employees. Jameson Poteet, manager of Green Country since 2013, brings several years of sales experience to the retail store.

Products and Services: “Our biggest demand is for grass seed, livestock feed and bag fertilizer,” Poteet said. “However, also being located in the retirement community of Grove has allowed us to diversify to provide for the needs of homeowners with products for lawn care, wildlife feeders and home maintenance. We also carry livestock feeders, hardware, animal health products, straw, propane fill and provide all the materials for fencing needs.
“One of the things that sets us apart from large chain ag supply businesses is we only carry the products we know work and are good quality. Plus, all employees are required to be knowledgeable about every chemical and product that we offer. We also educate our customers on the products, especially chemicals, so that they leave the store knowing how to apply the chemical safely at their home or farm.”

Philosophy: “The main goal is to build trust because if the customer doesn’t trust you, they won’t come back.” The company wide philosophy is ‘We will provide a timely response to our customers’ needs with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.’ The company constantly provides us with the most up-to-date information on pasture management, insect control and modern technology to help producers and homeowners. They even have an agronomist we can contact if we don’t know the answer, plus we provide education sheets from the state Extension Services.”


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