TNT Enterprises

Owner: Tim Witcher
Location: Decatur, Ark.

History: “I started in the tire business when I was 21 and took advantage of diversifying my business and eventually consolidating locations. I opened in 1985 as a tire repair shop in Decatur, Ark., for both cars and tractors and later added mufflers. Five years ago I purchased NAPA in Gravette, Ark., and then moved it to Decatur while also beginning trailer manufacturing featuring goosenecks, utilities and hay flipper trailers. In 2008, I built a new complex and moved everything together. At the same time I opened a new feed store that included other farming products. To maximize exposure, I opened an attached convenience store and gas station as well as a restaurant. This set up quadrupled my NAPA business and promotes heavy crossover from one aspect of the business to the other.”

Products and Services: “Neither farming nor convenience or gas needs take a day off, so we are open 24/7 every day including holidays. Farmers appreciate having access to off-road diesel in the same place that they buy their feed. We have a full line of ADM products including bag and bulk feed that we deliver to the farm. We also carry West Way liquid feed and deliver that as well. Other feeds include products for dogs, pigs, goats, alpaca, sheep, chickens and horses as well as show feed. We also sell both hay and straw and maintain a full line of veterinary supplies. To meet the needs of both farm and off-farm customers, we have a large variety of hardware store type tools and supplies. We also have a large inventory of farm equipment and auto tires and will make service calls to a farm if needed. We carry creep and cube feeders, feed troughs and mineral feeders in addition to fencing supplies and gates. We sell gates already manufactured and will custom build one if needed. We try to provide one-stop shopping, especially for farmers.”

Philosophy: “I am part of a dying breed and recognize that the only way to be successful in this business and compete with places like Wal-Mart is to run a family oriented and multifaceted business with good quality supported by services others are unwilling to do.”


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