John Weaver

In Town: John Weaver co-owns an auction house along with Jon Melton. The auction business began in 2009. They auction both real estate (commercial and residential) and livestock. The business is still relatively small, with about nine to 12 residential auctions a year, and a consignment auction about once a year, and 12 livestock auctions annually. John said, “We never tell anyone no. We do everything, even benefits.” John’s business was ranked a top auction business by The largest auction they ever did was for Dr. Richard Ahrens in the town of Bruno, in Marion County. John’s future goal for the auction business is eventually turning it over to his kids.
He said don’t tell anyone, but he likes doing this so much that he would probably do it without pay.

In the Country: John runs a few head of cattle, cow-calf pairs in the past, but now finishes out calves. He also leases out land for finishing for individuals on his 120 acres in Yellville, Ark.
In the past he’s been a turkey grower for about 10 or 12 years and once owned a feed mill in Harrison, Ark.

Other Responsibilities and Future Plans: But running cattle and auctions aren’t John’s only jobs. He also has a pipeline job that has taken him away from town right now. But, he said, “I intend to get back again.”
John’s not finished yet. In the future, he plans to build a processing plant for processing beef, hogs and deer for private individuals.


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