Julie Griffin

Age: 13
Parents: Jim and Jackie Griffin
Hometown: Siloam Springs, Ark.
4-H Club: Logan 4-H Club and Udder 4-H Club
Club Leaders: Jackie Griffin and Dr. Tammy Parker

What is your 4-H project?
“My main project is dairy science which is showing and working with my dairy cattle. I am currently showing 11 heifers and cows. I have Holsteins and Jerseys. I recently bought another cow at Southern Nationals. My secondary projects are arts and humanities and pet care. I am a third generation 4-H’er.”

Favorite 4-H Moment and Awards: “I won Supreme Champion at Dairy Days and Jr. Showmanship at Southern Nationals. That was a big achievement for me. I also recently got to take a trip with 4-H to New York to teach sewing and 3D printing workshops as part of my arts and humanities project. It was really awesome. The 3D printers are a really cool and I am glad I got to help teach others about it.”

What do you like about farm life?
“I like living on a farm better because we don’t have neighbors very close. You get to have as much room as you want and I get to have animals and pets. We get to be as loud as we want.”

What do you like about showing?
“I like taking care of my cattle. I like that you get to show and work with them more than some of the other smaller projects. It is fun to be competitive and I definitely like the prizes.”

Long-Term Goal: “I would like to show at some bigger shows like Louisville and Madison soon. I would also like to be a state 4-H officer someday.”

Do you want to work in ag later?
“For my future career, I would like to be an agriculture teacher or some sort of teacher.”


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