Sea Minerals FA

Owner: Dr. Lynn and Pat Buhr
Location: Siloam Springs, Ark.

History: Dr. Lynn and Pat Buhr moved from Davenport, Iowa to Springdale, Ark., in 1972 where they opened a chiropractic office and soon settled on a farm near Elm Springs. In 2004, they moved to a farm east of Siloam Springs, Ark., and have 500 acres of land. “We were always looking toward better quality – better living conditions for us and the animals and better soil conditions. So we’ve been interested in natural soil improvement, organic farming and grass-fed beef all along,” Lynn said. Lynn experimented with sea minerals and realized the impact they were making on his land. The couple has been selling their own product, Sea Minerals FA, since 2007. The business has taken off and now they have approximately 100 individual distributors. They are also licensed in 15 states and that number continues to grow.

Products: Sea Minerals FA works as a plant fertility supplement that re-mineralizes the plant. The minerals come from a very clean sea water and contains 90 or more minerals and trace minerals. It is easy to dissolve in water because it is finely ground. It can be applied as a foliar spray to pastures, hay fields, lawns, gardens and food plots for deer. It can also be used as a free-choice mineral for animals. The minerals come in 50, 5 and 1 pound bags.

The Business: “We run the business out of our home. I mainly explain the products and my wife, Pat, runs the office. She answers the phone and keeps in contact with all the distributors,” said Lynn. They also have a warehouse on the property where they store pallets of the product.

Future Plans: They are continuing to grow their business by adding distributors. The business has taken up much of the couples’ time so they have sold all their cattle and lease out their pastures. “Our grandchildren, Bryar and Lydia Haden, have shown an interest in taking over the business when they finish with college. They sometimes travel with us to farm shows and help package the product,” stated Lynn.


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