D&D Custom Fencing

Owner: Don Due
Location: Nevada, Mo.

History: “I started about 25 or 30 years ago after moving here from California where I worked as a welder in the shipyards. I came for vacation and loved the area. I bought some land and cut down a tree that fell on my neighbor’s fence. It ended up that he bought the fencing materials and I did the laboring for the entire side of his property line and then I continued and finished fencing all around my own property. Because of my tree mistake, my business started with barbed wire. Then I put an ad in the paper and now always have more work than me and my two other employees can handle.”

Services: “When it comes to fencing, whatever it is, we can do it. We build custom fencing, pipe corrals, iron fencing and custom gates as well as installing vinyl fencing, barbed wire, chain-link fencing and board fencing. We also do brush cleaning and bobcat work. Most of my customers and work are farm and ranching related although we do privacy fences and dog pens and enjoy creating decorative fencing. I fabricate the fence at my shop at home and then take it to the site for installation.”

Philosophy: “To be successful you have to work hard and provide a high-quality product. I have many repeat customers and don’t advertise much anymore because my business really is generated through word-of-mouth. I usually become friends with my customers exchanging stories and ideas, which makes the business relationship personal as well. Sometimes I end up helping with handyman work. I guess the real philosophy is you do whatever the customer needs.”

Future Plans: “I see the business continuing well because even during economic down times for others, I’m still working and keeping other people employed as well. Whether considering farms and ranches, businesses or residential areas in town, people always need new fencing as well as repairs on existing fences. It’s not often that a person’s career comes from a passion discovered through an accident. I love what I do and can’t wait to see what the next project will be.”


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