Now cowboy’n can be and often is a dangerous way of life

Ropes and large farm animals always bring a caution from my wife

Now I’m not wild or reckless, I try to do things right

I always keep good horses and I never pick a fight

But since my age has passed my belt size, and my belt has grown some too

My wife and my family like to warn me about the things I do

Now chase’n a cow across the pasture swing’n a rope above my head

They think an accident could happen

What they describe, I wish they hadn’t said

Now it can get a little western chase’n a cow go’n 9-0

But I gotta tell you friend, you can’t catch a cow go’n slow

Now start’n a colt seems to be number one on the list of ways I might get hurt

Cause they know that if they buck, well I’m bound to hit the dirt

Well, I ain’t no bronc stomper, I know that to be a fact

So I do lot’s and lot’s of ground work before I climb’s up on their back

Well, the other evening I come limp’in in, my leg and head all hurt

And sure enough, I had to tell them; I had really hit the dirt

Well, an explanation was in order, so I described it to a tee

Was Old Silver broke into and made this mess of me!

I was up high in the air, and he warped me on the ground

Now my body hurts all over, my glasses I nearly never found

Well they looked at me and frowned, but their look showed great concern and

They got me ice and bandages and said, “Now maybe you will learn!”

Well, it was about the end of my story, when things began to blur

One of them just had to say, “Hey… We ain’t got a horse named  Silver.”

Well, their stares burned right through me, I didn’t know what to say

But their sympathy was over, they took my ice away

Well, I never said it was a horse, that’s just what you expected, Dear

I could see it in her eyes, she wanted to kick my rear

It was right then and there that she forced me to explain

Well… It was that danged old aluminum ladder that had dropped me on my brain

 – Danny McCurry

Danny McCurry and Greg Burke, of Cowboy Tradition, released a CD named “Uncurried & Unbrushed”. They perform at, barbeques, cattlemen’s meetings and agricultural events.  You can pick up their CD at: McCurry Trailers 2645 West Kearney in Springfield (417) 862-4797.   You can also visit YouTube and enter “Cowboy Tradition”


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