Huntsville Feed and Milling Company

Owners: Cliff Cline, David Cline (pictured) and Bobby Wilson
Location: Huntsville, Ark.

History: “My dad was born and raised around here but was working in Oregon when his brother, Wayne, called in 1955 and said there was an opportunity to buy a small feed store business. My dad came back and was one of three partners in a custom grinding and mixing business in a canning factory. A few years later they moved and built this shop and an elevator keeping the old building for storage and truck repair for the bulk feed delivery trucks. Later they switched to sack feed and no longer delivered bulk feed and fertilizer, although we still use trucks to pick up supplies, which means the repair shop is still in use. There are still three partners. Now it’s my uncle Cliff, me, and another partner named Bobby Wilson,” said David.

Services: “We still sell sack feed rather than bulk, as well as veterinary and tagging supplies. Because poultry is big around here, we sell waterers and feeders. We also have horse, dog and cat feed. In addition we sell plants and seeds for both grass and gardens and bailing twine for haying. Bobby and his son lease land to raise hay which they sell here. Another important part of our business is offering practical advice, which includes calling someone else if I don’t know the answer. Our store is a gathering place for the locals every morning so the coffee’s always on,” added David.

Philosophy: “My dad said all you’ve got to do is provide people service because they can buy product anywhere. You wouldn’t think it would be that simple, but it really is. That means treating the guy that buys one sack the same as the guy that buys 40,” shared David.

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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