Bradley Catlett (left) and Herbert Catlett (right) are the owners of Catlett Brother's Feed in Boonville, Arkansas. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: Boonville, Ark.

Owners: Bradley Catlett (left) and Herbert Catlett (right)

History: The Catlett family has been involved in the livestock feed and supply business for decades. 

Catlett Brother’s Feed Mill was started by Herbert Catlett and his brother J.D. Catlett about 40 years ago. Today, Herbert’s sons Bradley and Herbert own and operate the mill.

“I’ve been here since the grand opening,” Bradley said. 

Bradley said his father and uncle saw a need for a feed store in the Boonville area, prompting them to start Catlett Brother’s.

Products and Services: Catlett Brother’s offers producers of all sizes a one-stop-shop for their farm and ranch needs, including bulk cattle feed, and bag feed for cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and horses.

The mill portion of the business shut down four years ago, still Catlett Brothers sources feed from Big V Feeds in McAlister, Okla., Livestock Nutrition in Keota, Okla., and Oakley Feed and Fertilizer in Bebee, Ark.

“We sell a lot of bulk feed,” Bradly said. “We also sell a lot of poultry feed.”

Catlett Brother’s also has a variety of vet supplies, livestock handling equipment (such as panels, tubs and gates), fencing supplies, hardware, poultry supplies, in addition to bagged fertilizers, seasonal plants, pet food and much more. 

“We pretty much have everything farmers need,” Bradley said.

Business philosophy: Providing customers with the products and services they need is key for Catlett Brother’s.

“You have to take care of your customers, or someone else will,” Bradley said.


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