The Salyers' have spent the last 30 years improving and appreciating all they admire about the Salers

The Salyers family, of Billings, Mo., is like any other family living in the 21st Century, busy. What is the most important trait that a cow/calf operation needs to have to be profitable and productive when management must be time-efficient? Easy calving provided from stable structured mommas and low birth weight sires. “The female Salers have the largest pelvic area of any cow breed, this quality along with choosing calving ease sires makes the possibility of calving problems very low,” said Gary Salyers.
Gary, along with wife, Liz, work outside jobs. Gary, and son Shane, are skilled in concrete flatwork, in which large contracted business can make for long days and varying hours. Liz appreciates having low maintenance cattle, especially during calving season, since the majority of daily monitoring is easier for her to fit into her more flexible schedule.
An exciting new facet to their operation is offering bulls, heifers and cow/calf pairs in a production sale event. They held their first one last February, selling 60 head, and are excited to make it an annual event. “We call it the ‘Cattleman’s Kind Production Sale’ and we will be holding it annually on the first Saturday of March,” explained Liz.
“There was a good crowd and a lot of local farmers came out as well. It was also broadcast over the Internet for online bidding,” said Gary.
“Most of our herd is black and all of our bulls are black, and homozygous black (which means they carry no red genes). But, we do still have some red cows, and get requests for red bulls,” Gary shared.
During breeding season, Gary checks EPDs and sorts his herd. “We do not AI, but at all times we have five herd sires that we keep in five separate pastures. I figure out through EPDs what would be good mating for each cow.” Gary has genetic priorities, “I demand low birth weight EPD. After that I breed for performance, milk and weaning weights.” Gary and Liz take record keeping seriously, “If you are honest with people and record accurate weights and EPDs, people will be satisfied with what they buy,” shared Gary.
The Salyers’ have always sold their purebred heifers and bulls from their farm to individuals. “We always go to Farmfest in Springfield, Mo., and are now also attending the spring event, called Ag and Urban Fest. It’s a great way to talk to people about the breed and visit with old customers and hear their experiences with the cattle they have bought from us. I like to get feedback and hear what worked or didn’t work for them.” Gary shared that it is important to him to make sure his customers are getting a bull that meets the priorities that they have for their herd.
Shane Saylers, along with wife, Alaina, twin sons Sean and Seth and baby daughter, Irelyn make their home on the Saylers farm as well. Shane works with his dad both professionally and on the farm and still enjoys showing at national Saler events. Gary and Liz’s daughter, Ashley, who is 12, enjoys showing Salers as well, “I like how calm they are, I like gentle cows and the Salers are gentle.”
Gary added, “It humbles me to see the disposition these cattle have. Before we even put a halter on a heifer or bull, we comb them and it calms them.” They all enjoy the time together as a family at shows.


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