Name:  Catherine Lund-Molfese, 11
Parents:  Nicholas and Christine Lund-Molfese
Hometown:  Rogersville, Mo.

What animals are on your farm?
“We have two guard dogs, 10 sheep, 10 goats and 56 chickens.” Catherine has collected and donated 5,598 eggs to The Kitchen in Springfield, Mo.

Describe your outdoor chores:  “There is feeding the chickens. If it rains, their feeder has to be dumped out or it will cause mold. We just set up the chicken waterer with a heater for winter. Filling that up, putting their vitamin mix in. Up at the corral, there’s the sheep and goat waterers which all get dumped out and refilled every other day. The goats will steadily be getting more and more grain because they’re supposed to slowly have more nutrients as it gets more into winter.”

\Egg Collecting Process:  “First you collect them. Then you soak them for 10 to 15 minutes. Then you have to rub each one gently. Then you put it in the carton. We have our own little sticker that says, ‘Trinity Hills-packaged by Catherine Lund,’ then I fill in the date. We put them in the fridge and somebody comes to pick them up. They usually bring their own crates and I help load them. For the grading, sometimes the hens crack the eggs in the nest by kicking them around. We give pretty much all of the eggs, except for the ones the hens have cracked.”

Why do you donate the eggs?
“It was my dad’s idea because they lay so many eggs. It’s at least two dozen a day, sometimes two and a half. So there’s too many. We have extra, so we can give them away. We don’t need the money and we like to do something good for other people.”
Story and Photo by Brenda Brinkley


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