Name:  Madison Young, 15
Family:  Matt and Winter Young
Hometown:  Lebanon, Mo.
Education:  Sophomore at Lebanon High School, FFA class vice-president
FFA Advisor:  Josh Toops

Involvement in Agriculture:  “I am in agriculture and FFA classes at school as well as raising a Hampshire sheep for this year’s Laclede County Fair. I went out to the FFA farm the day before the first weigh-in and called up my mom to say, ‘Can I bring home a sheep?’ At first she said, ‘where will we put it?’ but the next day I got it from a graduating senior as it was her SAE-Supervised Agriculture Experience. FFA involves both ag classes and the club.”

Raising Sheep:  “I learned a lot,” she continued with a big smile. “In three months of caring for my sheep, which included feeding him twice a day and breaking him to a halter lead, I learned that sheep are herd animals so don’t let them get lonely or they get sick. Next year, we’re getting four. My sheep won a blue ribbon.”

Future Plans:  “I want to major in agriculture business and entrepreneurship with a minor in pre-vet. My plan is to own my own farm and raise beef cattle. Of course, the pre-vet minor is because you need to know how to do as much as you can yourself as far as the vet work is concerned.”

Family Farm:  “My family’s 283 acres, which now includes a river lot, has been in our family for 8 generations, counting me and my brothers and sister. My dad still has the original paperwork signed by President U.S. Grant. I would love to take that over someday and add to it and see each succeeding generation do the same.”

Story and Photo by Laura L. Valenti


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