Cheryl Houston and David Phillips

In town:  “We both had worked at Sunbeam, but they out-sourced to China, and we needed something to do. We lived in the country near Stella, Mo., and had a house full of old and interesting items in the attic. We decided to go into the antique business and opened up Blue Moon Antiques about nine years ago in Neosho. In the beginning we went to auctions, estate sales and backyard sales in the area to build up a good inventory. Now the goods come walking into us most of the time. We love our business and are open six days a week Monday through Saturday. I especially like it when we help someone find what they really want because the best thing we sell is memories.”

In the Country:  “We live in Stella which only has a population of 178. The drive to Neosho is beautiful, and we live in a nice, long valley. We even have eagles during the winter months. It is quiet, and we know all our neighbors even though they aren’t that close. Another part of our country life is our land. I use that land to grow a substantial flower and herb garden that we harvest regularly. My favorite herbs are rosemary, thyme, basil and lavender. They smell wonderful, look beautiful and make cooking fun. Working in the garden is one of the important things in my life because it makes me feel in touch with the land and the world around me. Our country life is our real life.”

How do your town lives and country lives work together?
“There is no shopping to speak of in Stella, but we make a point of patronizing our gas/grocery store and get breakfast there every Saturday. However, we do all of our main shopping in Neosho. The daily 14 mile drive allows time to prepare for a new day and to relax after a hectic day in the shop. The best part of town life is it allows us to live the country life we love.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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