Michael and Marilyn Sexton
Location:  Clarksville, Ark.

In Town:  “My dad started in 1971 in Lonoke County,” stated Mike, “and then a little bit later he bought out the Tink & Cline furniture store. This brought us all back here, where mom and dad’s home was; I was in the 10th grade at that time. Then in 1984 we had a fire that burned out the store. Dad didn’t want the furniture store anymore, so I bought the store and built it back and I’ve been here ever since.”

In the Country:  “We have a cow calf operation, mostly Angus with a few Simmental. We run about 300 cows, my son helps run it, I always wanted to work with my dad and couldn’t so I really enjoy that part of it. We put up all our own hay and do our own fence,” said Mike.

How do the farm and the store compliment each other?
“The cattle pay for the day to day things and small repairs, but because of the economy it just can’t pull the full load. However, the store makes it possible to have the farm; it pays for the land and some of the big things that comes along. It makes having the farm possible,” he said.

Story and Photo by Donna Parker


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