Shepherd Hills Trapper brings PBR recognition to the Ozarks

Becky and Rod Reid’s nephew, Tom Luthy III loved watching the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) on television at his grandparents’ house in Lebanon, Mo., while growing up. Unlike a lot of little boys who left those dreams in childhood, he found a way to follow that dream.
Tom is the owner of a PBR bull and he’s gotten others involved in the business, too. Shepherd Hills Trapper is a 5-year-old American Bucking Bull, whom the family own in partnership with D & H Cattle Company that performed in last year’s PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, Nev.
“One hundred and ten bulls make the World Finals,” Rod explained. “Of the 53 who bucked the first night, Shepherd Hills Trapper tied for eighth place. That night he threw J.B. Mauney, the No. 2 bull rider in the world. It’s just pretty exciting to have a nationally-known bull connected here to the Ozarks, and specifically to Lebanon.”
Becky added, “There are lots of Ozarks connections with the PBR including others in the area that own bulls or are top riders like L.J. Jenkins, whose dad is from Lebanon. Right now the introduction to the PBR on television is sung by Gary Allan and one of those opening scenes includes J.B. Mauney losing his shot at being world champion as he is bucked off our bull, Trapper.”
Rod continued, “PBR is different than a lot of sports where it is one side pitted against the other. There are 100 points in each eight second ride, 50 points to the rider and 50 points to the bull. A 90 point ride is considered top tier. On a recent ride, Trapper earned 44.75 points, within a quarter of a point of that top tier ride. Everybody wants to see both the cowboy and the bull do well, so it makes for a very family-friendly sport.”
On January 22 in Anaheim, Calif., Valdiron de Oliveira, the current No. 1 PBR rider had ridden nine bulls in a perfect season – until he met up with Shepherd Hills Trapper. The 1,500 pound bull earned 44.75 points, but Valdiron de Oliveira got thrown.    
“Breeding bucking bulls is very similar to breeding of other cattle. You look for traits like how they kick, energy level and demeanor (pun intended). Just like you buy a partnership in a beef breeding bull that shows promise, you can get a partnership in a bucking bull.”
Rob said that raising bucking bulls is a fun way to be involved in agriculture and cattle. “It’s quite the ride and we’re just waiting to see where Shepherd Hills Trapper takes us next.”


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