White Harvest Seed

Location:  Hartville, Mo.  
Owner:  Nocks Family (Pictured are Mike and Diane Nocks)

History:  The Nocks family moved to Wright County from the Kansas City, Mo., and Warrensburg, Mo., areas in 2006. They started their seed company October 1, 2010, after “falling in love with heirloom gardening” and realizing just how important it was to live off the land. “It was our passion and we wanted to help other people grow their own food as well,” said the family.

Products & Services:  “On our website, we do the Designing Gardens Program, where we help customers organize their garden step-by-step. Included are suggestions for planting, harvesting and seed saving instructions and companion plant and seed recommendations. We also do a Featured Gardener Program where anybody who wishes may submit their own gardening story on our website. Every month there is a new featured gardener, and they receive a gift certificate for sharing their story. We also have weekly blogs on country living on our site. Our products include open-pollinated, heirloom vegetable seeds, gardening books, homemade soaps, the Hoe-Dag Tool and antiques.”

Business Philosophy:  “Our focus is that we want to help other families grow their own successful gardens, similar to the Victory Gardens of the past. We hope for more folks to be able to provide for themselves and growing a garden is a great place to start,” said the family.  “We’re a small business, which we consider to be an asset. People need to know that gardening is something you can do that will be beneficial in so many ways.”

Story and Photo by Jane Kinser


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