Lane Shumaker has three jobs. The first is facilitating his own battery store, Battery Outfitters, located in Golden, Mo. Second, is his life on the farm raising Brangus-cross beef cattle. Then he’s also a tournament bass fisherman. That’s a full schedule, and just how Lane likes it.
“I’ve always been one to keep myself busy,” said Lane. “Keeps me young.”
Running his own business and farm wasn’t always the plan, though. After a short stint in college, Lane went to work for the family business, Shumaker Tires.
“I was fixing a tire one morning and dad came out and told me that I was the new battery guy,” explained Lane. “I knew nothing about batteries.”
Lane said the position was a promotion because it included a truck with air conditioning and a radio.  Batteries were a new addition to the family business, and four years later Lane bought the small battery business from his father.
“I was 22 and I wanted to do it myself,” said Lane. “I had my own ideas and methods that I wanted to incorporate. “
In 1984 the battery business became owned by Lane and from there has grown into Battery Outfitters. The once small battery store now includes four locations in Golden, Joplin and Columbia, Mo., and Rogers, Ark.
While building what Lane calls his full-time job, Battery Outfitters, he also inherited a farm.
“My dad called and told me to ‘go to the bank, I just bought 80 acres’,” he remembered. “I said, ‘I don’t want a farm,’ and dad said, ‘too bad’.”
Keith, Lane’s father had always farmed, raising beef cattle, and he wanted the same for his sons, despite Lane having other ideas, none of which included farming.
“I never wanted a farm, I thought I didn’t have time for it.”
After buying his first 25 head from local sale barns, the idea of farming became clearer. “The farm was healing, it helped me with stress from the business. For that, I’m eternally grateful to my father.”
Through the years the farm has grown, just as Lane and his wife Gail’s children have. Pate, Trevor and Audra work on the farm with Lane and their mother.
With two jobs under his belt – Battery Outfitters and the farm – obviously it was time for Lane to take on one more job, or more appropriately, a hobby, he explained.
“My doctor told me I needed a hobby. I tried hunting, archery and a few other things but it just wasn’t me. Then, bass fishing came, and I was hooked!”
Lane had always been involved with tournament anglers, as his store sells the Pro Series battery (a battery used in many bass fishing boats). Three years ago Lane started fishing in tournaments and found his passion.
“Fishermen are hard-core and dedicated, my kind of people,” he said.
Wearing three hats isn’t always easy, but Lane said that he’s always been one that likes a challenge and hopes to continue down that road.
“I call it luck; I love my job,” Lane smiled, adding, “I have great people that work for me, the farm brings me relaxation and the lake is peace. I’m proud of this community we live in and I couldn’t imagine my life another way.”
Lane concluded, “And who knows, maybe my sons will get talked into a farm like I did someday.”


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