P&C Cattle Pens

Owners:  Paul and Crystal Warford and son Jack
Location:  Stilwell, Okla.

Company History:  Crystal’s father designed and started building cattle working corals 15-18 years ago in southeast Oklahoma. After Paul and Crystal got married, Paul worked construction and maintenance. When the economy got slow Paul’s hours were cut back and the couple decided to start their own welding shop and business. About the same time, Paul’s son Jack graduated from high school and was able to join the business as a full-time welder.

Products and Services:  Paul and Jack can build about any kind of cattle pens a farmer would want, but they specialize in four different pen models. The smallest package is a sweep, alley way and a small holding pen that will work about 10-15 head. The next size up is the best seller. It has a larger holding pen with four 16’ panels and an 8’ gate. It will hold from 25-30 head. They also offer two sizes bigger. The largest will hold about 80 head of cattle. They also sell individual components of the pens separately. They are hoping to start selling squeeze chutes in the near future. “We don’t charge what most people charge, and ours aren’t any less quality. Our 16’ panels weigh approximately 180 lbs, so they’re no lightweights. All of our stuff is constructed out of 2 3/8” 14 gauge pipe. All of them have a lifetime guarantee for the original purchaser. If a cow bends or breaks a panel, I’ll fix it or replace it for free.”

What do you see in the future?
“We’re not going to go too fast. I’m not afraid of growing and I’d like to. We’d like to build a bigger shop out of town and have at least three full-time employees, but that is probably a few years away.”

By Sarah Hale


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