Name:  Mike Bradshaw

In Town:  Mike works at Baxter Lab in the manufacturing and distribution of medical supplies and equipment. He is a member of the Baxter County Cattlemen’s Association and has been president for the past eight or nine years. Mike is also the president of the Baxter County Fair Board.

In the Country:  Mike himself runs a cow-calf operation on 34 acres just outside of Mountain Home, Ark. His acreage adjoins 300 additional acres that he maintains for a local physician who raises Texas Longhorn cattle.

Background:  Mike was raised around cattle all of his life. His family always had a milk cow and raised beef cattle for market. A native Arkansan, Mike was born in Little Rock, then moved to Dumas and his family settled in Mountain Home, where he’s been ever since.

With so many jobs, how do you manage your time?
"Working third shift at Baxter Lab allows me to work on the place and with the cattle first thing in the morning, usually finishing about noon. Then I go home, sleep and get up in time to attend all the meetings that are required as president of the fair board and Cattlemen’s Association."

What do you enjoy the most?
"I enjoy working for the doctor and maintaining his place. I started part time in 1989 as a hired hand and it has developed over the years into a wonderful friendship. I enjoy getting paid, but the friendship is more valuable to me. I also enjoy working with the youth in FFA, working with their projects and their show trips. All that I do is a lot of work but I enjoy it."

By Jack and Pam Fortner


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