Names:  Ashli and Morgan Coday
School:  Seymour, Mo.
Clubs:  Mansfield 4-H, Missouri Junior Simmental Association
Parents:  Stan and Penny Coday

How Ashli and Morgan are involved in agriculture.
Ashli and Morgan are the fourth generation to live on their family's farm just outside of Seymour, Mo. They have shown Simmental cattle since they were nine years old, starting their show season with smaller county shows and working up to the Ozark Empire Fair and the Simmental Junior Nationals. Their family farm has always been a home to Simmental cattle, and Ashli and Morgan are each working on building their own herds. Currently Ashli owns five and Morgan owns seven.

What do you enjoy most about showing?
"The showing itself," agreed both girls. They said they enjoy attending the Junior National shows every summer, and like taking in all of the activities the event has to offer. The girls have won several honors in livestock judging, quizzing and public speaking while attending the national show. They have also placed well with their heifers each year. In 2009 the Junior Nationals will be held in Indiana — and according to the girls they are, "definitely going."

Have you faced any setbacks while showing?
"A couple of years ago at Ozark Empire Fair, Ashli was kicked, knocked down then stepped on by one of her heifers," said Stan. "She had a compound fracture. I really thought that would be the end of her interest in showing." But little did dad know how tough she was. "We were sitting at the hospital and she asked me if she would still be able to show tomorrow."

What are the girls' goals for the future?
Morgan is plans to join FFA when she gets into high school, but Ashli is still undecided. Both are looking forward to competing at more large fairs as they enter high school, and are excited about their trip to Indiana this summer. "We aren't quitting anytime soon," they agreed.
By Kaci Mitchell


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