Name:  Kris Nau

In the Country:  Kris’ two children both raise and show registered Angus cattle in the Greene County, Missouri, area, making them the 5th generation of Naus to be active with the American Angus Association. “That membership goes back to 1927,” Kris explained.
Kris keeps his Angus herd today so his children are able to show the breed their great-great-grandfather preferred. “We show locally, at the Gold Buckle Gala and at the Greene County 4-H fair,” he explained. The shows are also a great time for his children to get the chance to see what kind of animals they like. “We’re looking for, ideally, thick, correct, long-bodied, fluid-moving cattle,” Kris said.

In Town:  Kris is Vice President and Commercial Lender at Empire Bank in Springfield, Mo. Recently the bank opened a new branch in Republic, so Kris spends one day a week there as a lender.

Family:  Wife:  Suzie, Kids:  Kelsey, 13 years old and Garrett, 9 years old.

How do you manage the job in town and the farm?
The daily management of a registered cattle operation, in terms of AI, it’s so time intensive, it was getting overwhelming, so we brought in a third party that helps us now with the daily management. There are things that just cannot happen when you’re only driving by two times a day.”

How would you like to improve your operation?
“Quality versus quantity is where I’ve been focusing. I got lost in thinking we had to have 30 to 50 cows, but then we realized by narrowing our focus the rewards were actually greater.”

Why have you encouraged your kids to stay involved in agriculture?
“It’s the right way to raise kids. The moment in time that kid walks into the ring with that animal, and they’re on their own, that develops character more than anything they can do.
“And, because it’s an honorable way of life.”

By OFN Staff


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