Name:  Teanna Simpson
Parents:  Robert and Melody Simpson
4-H Club:  Kosh 4-H, group leader, Lynn Woolever

How are you involved in agriculture?
“I own about 20 head of registered Charolais cattle and have been showing animals since I was four years old. My parents and family owned Charolais and I started working with them around their cattle. I bought my first show heifer with my uncle’s help when I was four. I also showed competitively at the Charolais Junior Nationals when I was six. This year Junior Nationals were the week of July 12 and this was my eighth Junior National. This year the show was in Sioux Falls, S.D.” Teanna has been to shows as far as California to Maryland and Mississippi to South Dakota. “I am a member of the Junior Charolais Association, the local 4-H club and Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Association. I am also currently the treasurer of the Missouri Junior Charolais Association,” she added.

What are your biggest ag achievements?
“In 2007 I won the Charolais Junior Nationals with my heifer and in 2008 I showed the Reserve Grand Champion. Last year I was Reserve Showman in my division and that was a great achievement.”

What is the best part of growing up on a farm?
“Learning all about the animals and the responsibility. I have learned how to take care of the animals and have gotten to experience many different things because I live on a farm. I have made friends at the Junior Nationals that are going to last a lifetime.”

Who have been your role models growing up?
“My uncles and my parents because they grew up showing cattle and most of what I’ve learned, I learned from them. When I was little I remember always wanting to be able to grow up and show cattle like them.”

By Stephanie Beltz


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