Madden Fertilizer and Lime

Owners: Terry (left), Brady (right) and Dorothy Madden

Locations: 107 Fieldwood Lane, Yellville, Ark.

Company History: Terry started his fertilizer company in 1987 with one truck and himself as the only employee.  He started by servicing local ranchers, like himself, in a manner that he would have wanted to be treated.  The company has grown to three employees, three spreader trucks and three buggies.

Biggest Challenge: The business is seasonal, with the majority of the work being done in the two or three months of spring and one month in the fall.  Everyone wants their fertilizer all at the same time.  Currently, the major challenge is the extreme high price of fertilizer and the hardship it’s causing the local ranching community.  Terry said, “Fertilizer is necessary in northern Arkansas to achieve the best yield from the pastures.”  A farmer can expect two to three times the yield from a pasture that has been fertilized, as opposed to one that has not been, he noted.

Products and Services: Madden Fertilizer provides custom blends according to the needs of the individual rancher.  They will make recommendations themselves, but suggest that people have a soil sample done by the county extension service.  Their company will haul the fertilizer to the farm and spread it for the customer, or provide buggies that the customer can pull behind a tractor or pickup.

Business Philosophy: To treat people right and do it the way he would want it done himself.  This philosophy brings customers back every season.  “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it,” said Terry.  

Other Services: The Maddens also have an asphalt paving service and a new “drop box” venture that they recently started.  The drop boxes are left at construction sites or demolition cleanups to collect the trash and debris to be hauled away.

By Jack Fortner


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