Owners: Doug, Zach and Levi Tincher (pictured)

Location: Gore, Oklahoma

History:“My father started building barns in Gore when he was 22 and struck out on his own after five months, founding the business we have today while also working on the family cattle ranch,” Levi Tincher said. “My older brother Zach started college but soon decided where he really wanted was to be home building barns. He began as a subcontractor in 2006 and somewhat later took over the business in Kansas. I followed the same path for the same reasons and started in 2013. After six years working as a subcontractor, I shattered my ankle during haying season and took over for my dad while he was haying. Pleased with how I had handled things, my dad moved me from subcontracting to taking over the state of Arkansas, with him retaining Oklahoma as his territory. All has worked out well because he needed us and we needed him with the under lying philosophy being God first, barns second.”

Products and Services: “We build barns from a 20-foot-by-40-foot or 20-foot-by-60 open-sided cow sheds, up to large pole barns sometimes called barndominiums. We construct a variety sheds, lean-tos and roofline extensions. Each project is different. Different locations have different building codes which may change the depth of the poles or the gauge of the metal. Similarly, some customers have very special requests such as covering part of the working pens or using hurricane clips to attach trusses to the sidewalls. I often send customers to our Facebook page so they can see what our work looks like and as inspiration for what they may want. We offer 18 different colors ranging from shades of red, white, tan, and gray as well as blue. We insure the structure until it is completed to handle storm or fire damage. Though we do advertise in some print media, most of our business comes from word-of-mouth. Much of the time we are working for previous customers or their neighbors. It’s not unusual for us to have built 10 barns over 20 years on some of the larger ranches. While some projects are far from Gore, if the project is close enough, I go to the site to shake hands with the people I do business with. We run three crews in each of the three states. When a crew arrives, the materials are already there and a contract is presented to the customer with the supervisor going over all of the details.”


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