Name: Larry Chronister
In The Country: Larry has 12 head of cattle and hay on about 80 acres, that is mostly hay and pasture. He also has three horses. He said he sold almost 400 round bales last year of mixed grass hay and Bermuda hay that he sold to horse people.
In Town: Larry has been Sales Manager at Whitson-Morgan Motor Company in Clarksville, Ark., since 1986. He has been with the dealership for 34 years, now.
Family: My wife Carol checks the cows when they are calving. During calving season they need to be checked twice a day; she is able to do that.

How does your experience on the farm help with your work in town?
“On the farm you gain a lot of common sense experience that can be applied with customers and employees, both.”

How do you balance your time?
“At this point in life work has to be first, so I take care of it, then I take care of the farm. The farm is a lot of work and it has taken the place of pastimes. But I enjoy farming. I don't have enough time to take care of everything that needs to be done like spraying the fence rows. Planning ahead is very important. Last year I figured out a way to put three bales of hay out at once and then Carol can turn the cows (out to) the next one when they need it. That saves a lot of time.”

What are your plans for the future?
“I hope to be able to build up to a few cows so that I have something to do when I retire and not go crazy. Dad worked hard to get this place; buying the land and clearing it. The land has to be used or it will grow up. I would like to keep it up for the family.”

What improvements would you like to make to your farm?
“I'd like to build a workable corral for vaccinations and to take the terraces out of a couple of pastures to make them easier to mow. I would also like to have more winter pasture for more natural grazing.”


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