Gordan Miller started Arkansas Quality Processing more than 25 years ago in Dardanelle, Ark. His son James worked at the facility as well. Contributed Photo.
Contributed Photo

Location: Dardanelle, Ark. 

Owners: James and Tiffany Miller

History: Gordan Miller started Arkansas Quality Processing more than 25 years ago in Dardanelle, Ark. His son James worked at the facility as well. 

“Gordan retired eight years ago, and we bought the business from him,” Tiffany Miller, James’ wife, explained. “This is all my husband knows.”

Products and Services: Miller’s Quality Processing offers custom beef, pork and lamb processing. 

“We have a very large customer base that we are blessed with,” Tiffany said. “We stay booked out 18 months out. We raise our own beef and hogs as well and sell those to customers on shares. 

Miller’s Quality Processing custom processed mostly beef and pork, about 60 head a week. 

The Millers also have a retail counter for those who just want a few cuts. 

“We get in inspected sides and break those down for retail cuts,” Tiffany said. 

Customers, be it for custom processing or on the retail side, can choose a variety of cuts or other products like bacon, chicken, shrimp, bacon-wrapped pork Kabobs, links and tomahawk steaks. Smoked meats are also available. 

Miller’s Quality Processing might be best known for its burger and breakfast sausage. 

“For our burger, we do a lean 93/7 burger, and it is vacuumed sealed and flat packed, and people love that to stock up and fill their freezers,” Tiffany explained. “Our breakfast sausage is a recipe of seasoning that Gordan came up with years ago. We have kept that seasoning and have an in-state seasoning company that does our seasoning, and then we do all of the mixing here. We also try to do whole-hog sausage so it will have a good fat content and flavor.” 

Miller’s Quality Produce also tries to team up with local produce farmers for seasonal favorites.

“Right now, we are getting strawberries out of Paris, Ark., and then we go down to Dumas, Ark., once a year and pick up between 400 and 600 bags of corn and bring it back for our customers,” Tiffany shared. “Corn day is big for our customers around here; everyone comes and picks up their corn at the end of June. We try to be a one-stop shop for our customers’ meat and pro-duce needs.” 

Deer season is a busy time for the facility as well. 

Business Philosophy: “When Gordan owned it, it was Arkansas Quality Processing, and when we took over, we wanted to keep the family and the quality,” Tiffany said. “Anyone can cut meat, but you have to have that quality there to please your customers, and it takes a little more time, but that’s what we want.”


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