Owners: Jackie Moore and Steve Owens

Arkansas Regional Representative: Billy Ray Mainer (pictured)

Location: Branch, Ark.

History: “Joplin Regional Stockyards started in 1995 at the Carthage, Mo., location just outside of Joplin under the ownership of brothers-in-law Jackie Moore and Steve Owens. The facility has increased until it now has a capacity of 10,000 cattle under roof with the space for 5,000 more outside with water and hay available for all. As the markets evolved, so has JRS in adding special sales for replacements, yearlings, precondition calves as well as video marketing on cattle. Another special sale is for value added cattle allowing producers to build a reputation with buyers for healthy cattle that perform more efficiently and grade better in the final product. I live in Branch, Ark., and have worked for the company for six years after being a customer since 2000.”

Products and Services: “One of the services they offer is a search site that allows a customer to insert their ZIP Code and receive a list of nearby representatives, like me, who arrange for transportation to Carthage, Mo., and for feed until the cattle are sold. The stockyards also provide veterinary inspections and beef check off. The transportation advantage is huge. A typical trailer holds 48,000 pounds with each customer paying only his portion of that total so that even a customer with only one or two animals has fair access to an excellent market. Customer expenses are generally less than 4 percent, depending upon distance and the number of animals. Sales are organized into several different types including feeder cattle, cow and bull sales, a monthly cow sale and video sales as well as value added sales. Because value added animals have earned as much as 22 cents per pound more with an average of 7 to 10 cents per pound, the system allows producers to build a reputation for healthy cattle that perform more efficiently and grade better in the final product. Much of my business is from repeat customers or customers who find me through the search app though I also meet new customers face-to-face.”

Philosophy and future: “Our philosophy is to provide the best range of services for the widest range of customers at the most affordable price possible. We look forward to expanding our customer base within our current area as well as perhaps expanding the size of that area.”


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