Camdenton, Feed, Seed and Supply in Camdenton, Missouri is owned and operated by Wendell and Michelle Harper. Contributed Photos.
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Location: Camdenton, Mo. 

Owners: Wendell and Michelle Harper

History: Wendell and Michelle Harper opened their storefront in Camdenton, Mo., more than three years.

“My husband has been in the landscaping business for 30-something years, and the idea when we opened was to have a lot of products available so we can stay open year-round,” Michelle explained. 

Products and Services: Camdenton Feed, Seed and Supply carries NutraAg and Nutrena products for all livestock species, including rabbits and chickens, and specialized Patriot equine feeds from ADM. All feed is bagged, and larger quantities can be ordered for pickup. 

“We can get whatever someone wants, but we try to carry what is right for our market,” Michelle said. “We can get a pallet of shelled corn, no problem; I just need to know you want a pallet of shelled corn.”

For the pet lover, there are Diamond Naturals and Taste of the Wild dog and cat foods. Michelle added that they also have a popular high-protein kibble. Other products available include salt and mineral blocks, pasture seed, cattle and horse dewormer and other animal health products, seed for wildlife food pots, square bales of hay and straw, and tools.

Garden supplies are starting to roll into the store for the spring planting season. Onion and potato sets are currently available, as are garden seeds. Plants and flowers will to available in mid-April. 

Camdenton Feed, Seed and Supply caters to many different types of customers. 

“We even have a live bait shop with minnows, worms, goldfish and all sorts of things. We’ve got jams, jellies, seasonal décor, gift items and more,” Michelle  said. “We just put up an 1,800-square-foot extension, and with that, we can carry more products. We are looking forward to 2024, and hopefully, we will be able to have a good year.” 

Customer Service: Michelle said Camdenton Feed, Seed and Supply do things differently than some retailers. 

“We beat everybody on their prices on almost everything,” Michelle said. “I want to build on volume. Instead of charging twice as much, I would rather sell 30 bags. And we still carry your bag to your car. Some of the men come in and say they can get it, but I tell them I’m going to carry it for them. That’s something stores don’t offer anymore.” 

Customers can also take advantage of the drive-thru warehouse. 

“If you call us when you are on your way, we can do it all at the drive-thru, and you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle,” Michelle said, adding that service is available to all customers for all products. “It’s something we are glad to offer, especially for some of our older customers.” 


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