Location: Colcord, Okla. 

Owners: John Dunn, Mark Conant and Jeff Andrews

History: What started in 2013 as a way for a group of farmers to purchase commodities cheaper for their own cattle operations has turned into a full-time retail business. 

“We were all stocker operators,” Cattlemen’s Feed, LLC co-owner John Dunn said. “We started with six owners. When feed got expensive, we wanted to save some money for our operations. We didn’t have any intent of selling to the public, but everyone else wanted quality, cheap feed as well. Things have changed over the years; we bought out the other three partners and I’ve quit feeding cattle.” 

Products and Services: Livestock producers can source bagged and bulk feeds at Cattlemen’s Feed. Custom rations and mixes are also available.

“We have some standard mixes, including our Beef Cow 20, which is a 20 percent commodity mix, and we have our All-Purpose Grower, which is our most popular grower. We sell salt mix and have a premium horse mix we make and sell by the bag. We also get people with show animals or bucking bulls who are looking for something specific. We have a nutritionist, and we can mix up a custom ration.”

Medicated feeds are available with a prescription from a veterinarian.

John added Cattlemen’s Feed also has custom-blended minerals available, including high mag and pasture minerals, which are sold in 50-pound bags. Customers can also find lick tubs, cubes and other products. 

The majority of the Cattlemen’s Feed customer-base is cattle producers, but Cattlemen’s Feed also offers a sheep and goat ration, swine feed, bagged chicken feed, dog food and deer feed. 

Bulk delivery is available, and Cattlemen’s Feed is working to procure a larger trailer to cater to customers who require larger feed deliveries. 

“It will help us service those customers who have those 30-ton bins,” John said. “Some of these guys, we have to deliver to twice a week and this will get us down to one trip.”

Cattlemen’s Feed can also fill 1,000-pound tote bags for producers.

“People just stop in, we load it up and they take it home and unload it,” John said. “We have an overhead bin so we can fill buggies, cake feeders, tanks, just whatever they bring in. We have a nice set of truck scales, so we can weigh them, fill them up and charge by the pound.” 

Future Plans: John said he and his partners have discussed adding other products to Cattlemen’s Feed, but it sometimes comes down to availability. However, they are always looking to expand product lines and services.


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