Owner: Meredith Miller
Manager: Nathan Miller (pictured)
Location: Harrison, Ark.

History: Meredith Miller’s grandfather, Nathan Miller, started the business in 1931.
“Then one of his sons, my father Joe, took over,” Meredith said. “I am the third generation owner and with my three sons (Nathan, Matthew and Jake) and my son-in-law Josh all working here; the future is secure.”
The business began when Meredith’s grandfather went to Springfield, Mo. After a complicated trade with a tractor and some tack, her grandfather bought all of the tack and put it in a vacant building.
“That was our location until 1960,” Meredith said. “At that point, Dad purchased land outside of town that had been abandoned by the railroads. Then in 1961, the area suffered a catastrophic flood which tore down part of that building, filled the property with 6 feet of water and almost forced us to close the doors because we had no insurance. Nevertheless we prospered and moved once more in 1976 only about 100 yards away from the railroad property, which is now our warehouse adding a new 120-foot by 200-foot sale facility. Of course, the town moved out to surround us and our customer base is now mixed rural and town people. The biggest change in our inventory is the addition of a lumberyard and increased building materials.”

Products and Services: Nathan said, “Our rural customers especially appreciate our fencing materials which include barbed wire, field fence and both T and wooden posts. To help we also carry fencing tools such as post hole diggers and fencing pliers. We have stock tanks and ball waterers as well as round bale feeders and veterinary supplies including dewormers, both injectable and pour on, plus the regular vaccinations. We carry coop and hutch construction supplies and small engine equipment supported by our repair shop. To meet customer needs we have both commercial and residential mowers. Further, we repair the brands of small engines we sell as well as others and carry a full line of oil and hydraulic fluid and Hoses we offer a wide range of spotlights though particularly popular now are flashlights which are far more powerful than before and easier to carry than spotlights when working or checking animals in the dark. Finally, we carry a full line of building supplies including lumber, plumbing materials and electrical supplies.”


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