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Location: Cane Hill, Ark. 

Owners: Keeten and Ashley Jones

History: Keeten and Ashley Jones began offering specialized equine services through K&A Ranch last year after Ashley completed her certification as an equine sports massage therapist. Keeton is a graduate of the farrier program at Northwest Technical Institute and has worked as a certified farrier for five years. In addition to her equine certification, Ashley also holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology.

Services: By working as a team, Keeten and Ashley can evaluate a horse and give it the best possible care.

“We wanted to use the business as a way to offer clients a team and something a little different,” Ashley explained. “It’s another set of eyes on a horse.”

Keeten offers all farrier services, including basic horseshoeing, corrective trimming and shoeing, and therapeutic shoeing. 

“He does it all,” Ashley said of Keeten’s services. “He has several reining horses on his books, barrel horses and other clients.”

Ashley provides massage therapy, kinesiology taping and red-light therapy.

“Every time we go out, nine times out of 10 we are together. We make sure whatever gait analysis or posture analysis we do, we do it together so we can look at every part of the horse and every part be accounted for before we decide what to do.”

Ashley said their clients, as well as the horses they treat, are appreciative of the services provided by K&A Ranch. Ashley added they work with horses and clients individually, based on the needs of the horse. 

“We have some great clients and they really listen to us, taking into account our expertise,” Ashley said. “They have been very receptive to what we offer. It’s also been a lot of fun.”

The couple also has a poultry operation, but they make time for their equine clients, seeing an average of 20 to 30 horses a month. In addition to their regular clients, they continue to accept new clients. 

Future Plans: The couple plans to continue their education in their trades, and Ashley said she hopes to offer more hands-off bodywork. 

“I would like to add other therapies, such as Bemer blankets (a lightweight therapy blanket used for the vascular treatment of equine athletes), and I plan on becoming certified in cupping,” Ashley said, adding that cupping is a holistic approach that uses a “cup” and suction to increase blood flow to an affected area. 


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